Here’s What ITZY Would Look Like With Short Hair

They’re breathtaking!

We all know that the girls of ITZY look incredible with long hair, so imagine how they’d look with short hair. (Amazing, we can tell). Talented fans edited short hair on several of their selfies, and the results may surprise you!

Check them out below:

1. Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong would look incredible with either dark or colorful short hair.

| @ryusadic/Twitter

We’d love to see her try this beautiful and daring hair style!

| @ryusadic/Twitter

2. Lia

Lia is known to be one of the most elegant idols in the industry, and we think her elegance may shine through just as much if she were to cut her hair short.

3. Yeji

Yeji would look fresh and youthful with short hair. Although her visuals are always stunning, short hair would be a treat for fans’ eyes!

4. Yuna

| @yejisbunny/Twitter

With her natural and out of this world beauty, there’s no doubt that Yuna would look amazing with short hair.

| @yejisbunny/Twitter

5. Ryujin

Finally, we all know how Ryujin looks with short hair because it is one of her signature hair styles.

In fact, she is often mentioned as one of the female idols who rocks short hair best.

Would you like to see ITZY with short hair for their next comeback?


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