Here Are Two Hot And Rich Female Idols Being Praised For Their Elegance

Who’s the other one?

There are two female idols who are constantly hailed as “expensive looking” or elegant. They have the kind of aura and looks that fit in a television show about the upper class.

These idols are none other than BLACKPINK‘s Jennie

…and ITZY‘s Lia!

Whether it’s a luxury fashion event or a year-end award show, they always look top-notch.

There’s just something about their confidence and poise that make them stand out from the crowd. Koreans can’t help but comment that they “look luxurious” and “too pretty”.

It must not be a coincidence that both Jennie and Lia come from wealthy families.

Jennie was born in one of the most expensive neighbors in South Korea, Cheongdam, and she attended a New Zealand boarding school as a child.

Without her family wealth, she is estimated to be worth around $13,000,000 (USD) alone!

ITZY’s Lia was also born into a very comfortable life. Mnet‘s TMI uncovered the reasons why she’s a “silver spoon idol” as she attended a school in Jeju worth 40 million won (~$34,000 USD).

She was also seen carrying luxury bags worth up to 2 million won (~$1700 USD) during pre-debut era.

With Jennie and Lia’s affluent upbringing, it’s no wonder they look so elegant and rich!

Source: Pann