BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Hella Rich, And Here’s The Tea

How many zeroes is that? 😮

Earlier this year, we discovered that BLACKPINK makes an unreal amount of money. On KBS’s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show, a data expert revealed that BLACKPINK is Korea’s top YouTuber with 32.5 million subscribers. He estimated that the group makes about $604,000 (USD) a month with JUST their YouTube channel.


With that in mind, it goes without saying that all the members of BLACKPINK are making bank. But one YouTube channel called KOOKIELIT dug a little deeper, and really looked into how rich Jennie is!


She has so much money they should print her face on it.


KOOKIELIT said that Jennie is reported to make $8,000,000 (USD), but speculates that the BLACKPINK rapper is actually much richer than that. So, exactly how much richer? Well, here’s what KOOKIELIT said:

Besides all the work she does with BLACKPINK, she’s also released her own solo and repped several major brands as an ambassador.



KOOKIELIT points out that Jennie is the only member of BLACKPINK to have a solo album, and if she got 10% of royalties she could have earned over $5,000,000 (USD) from album sales and streams.

Anyways, like I said earlier, Jennie is the only BLACKPINK member that has a solo… Assuming that Jennie gets 10% of the royalties, she could have easily made over $5,000,000 USD in album sales alone.


Additionally, because she’s had a ton of brand deals, both as part of BLACKPINK and individually. KOOKIELIT notes that the average salary for a brand ambassador for Chanel is reported to earn roughly $60,000 (USD) a year.

So, thinking about that, Jennie must actually earn quite a lot of money from her modeling and brand ambassador work. The average salary for a Chanel brand ambassador is almost $60,000 US dollars a year. Just taking a guess if any of the other companies paid her that much then, just by herself, her earnings would be in the hundred-thousands!


Based on all the rough calculations, it’s speculated that Jennie is likely to be worth more than $13,000,000 (USD), which is $5,000,000 more than what is being reported by the media!

What do you guys think? Is Jennie actually hella rich and the media underplaying her earning power?

In the same video, KOOKIELIT also discusses how Jennie spends her money. Watch the whole video below:


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