BLACKPINK Revealed to Make a Crazy Amount of Money With Just Their YouTube Channel Alone

The “young and rich” queens are slaying.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show, Cho Woo Jong, and big data expert, Jeon Min Ki appeared on the show where they revealed just how much BLACKPINK makes every month just from their YouTube channel.

Jeon Min Ki started off the conversation by sharing that he knows many young YouTubers.

I know a million young YouTubers. But they don’t tell me the exact numbers of how much they make. But they’re making enough to buy one foreign car every month. One foreign car.

– Jeon Min Ki

That’s when Cho Woo Jong revealed the ranking of Korea’s top YouTubers.

Our country’s top YouTuber is an idol group. BLACKPINK, who have 32.5 million subscribers.

– Cho Woo Jong

And what surprised many listeners was the predicted income BLACKPINK has just from their YouTube channel alone.

Their estimated monthly income is around 700 million won (~$604,000 USD).

– Cho Woo Jong

In response, Park Myung Soo gave credit to BLACKPINK’s effort in maintaining their popularity for why their YouTube channel is so popular.

They’re making that kind of income because they make a lot of effort to maintain their popularity. If you work hard and get to a similar level, you can make it there.

– Park Myung Soo

But Jeon Min Ki stressed that it’s not that easy.

It shouldn’t be underestimated because it’s like stocks. Since you can see how many people come and leave your channel, you have to continue to analyze the data, and it’s not easy to keep thinking about what makes fans subscribe and unsubscribe.

– Jeon Min Ki

The YouTube channel with the second-most subscribers is BigHit Entertainment, followed by BANGTAN TV and SM TOWN.


Source: Insight