ITZY Reveals 5 Things Even Their Fans Don’t Know About Them

Yeji’s love for jelly may be a bit unique, but a lot of people can relate to Lia’s.

Having debuted only a year ago, there’s still a lot to learn about the members of ITZY. The group sat down with MTV News to reveal facts about themselves that even MIDZYs wouldn’t know about them. Funnily enough, most of them seemed to revolve around food.

1. Lia — Disliking Vegetables

Lia kicked off their list by saying, “Something you wouldn’t know about me is that I’m not really friendly with vegetables.” No one denied it. Ryujin added, “Especially the green ones.” It was worse when she was younger.

Now that she’s older, she can manage to eat some vegetables, “But now, I can actually eat salads. I became a little more closer with green vegetables. But, not that close.” There’s one vegetable that she’ll always stay away from.

Lia pointed out, “The worst green vegetable would be cucumbers.” She had a very particular reason for disliking it. Without hesitation, she stated, “It tastes like electricity.”

2. Yeji — Jelly Love

Even though Yeji is the leader, that doesn’t stop her from being a kid at heart. She loves all the jelly candy, “I love jelly. Jelly is life. Gummy worm. Gummy bear.” The texture and the taste are what keeps her coming back for more: “Jelly is very chewy [and] sweet.”

She’s so into jelly candy that Ryujin revealed, “She eats [them] as a meal.” The rest of the members make sure to keep their hands off them as well, knowing how much Yeji loves them. Lia agreed, “It’s important to her, so we don’t ask for it.”

3. Chaeryeong — Newfound Love For French Fries

Chaeryeong has discovered a new love for french fries. Yuna shared where it started, “Chaeryeong typically likes wedge potatoes, potatoes of any kind really.” The move to french fries, in particular, came from their United States tour.

Since the group doesn’t usually go out to eat, Chaeryeong hadn’t been able to eat french fries. From their hotel rooms, she’s been able to order french fries. In fact, they’ve all been “eating it a lot… almost every day.”

4. Ryujin — Aegyo Queen

Ryujin knows she’s an ace at being the cutest of cuties, “I’m good at aegyo.” She even revealed a moment where she can feel how naturally it comes to her.

When Yeji leaves the dorm to make an errand, she calls her. Wanting to make sure she’ll bring back the snacks she wants, she’ll talk in the sweetest voice. “I think, at like that moment, I’m good at aegyo.”

5. Yuna — Pizza Lover

A lot of people could relate to Yuna’s. She voiced her love for pizza. Out of the many different flavors, she had one that topped the rest: “I love pepperoni pizza.” She’s had a love for it ever since she was younger.

With a big smile, Yuna revealed, “When I was [a] trainee, after we [did] practice, I [was] eating pizza.”

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