7 Times ITZY’s Ryujin Served Girlfriend Vibes In Her Latest Vlog

Imagine going for a picnic in the park with Ryujin!

ITZY‘s Ryujin is totally girlfriend material, and her latest vlog proves it!

Here are 7 moments from Ryujin’s vlog that made us fall even harder for her!

1. When she started excitedly singing while waiting for her food like an adorable, hungry girlfriend

While waiting on her order of tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), Ryujin spotted sausages and started singing!

| ITZY/YouTube

 2. When she rocked a hoodie and cap while sitting in her car

She looks like she’s ready for a casual car date!

3. When she sang along to DAY6 while driving

Although she’s a K-Pop idol, Ryujin served K-Pop fan girlfriend vibes as she sang along to DAY6 while driving!

“I only listen to DAY6 songs these days.” | ITZY/YouTube

 4. When she set her camping site up all by herself

Serving handy, independent girlfriend vibes!

5. When she put jazz music on before starting her picnic

Ryujin put on jazz music before she started eating, and the music would’ve set the perfect mood for a romantic picnic in the park!

6. When she snapped some cute selfies

She took some cute selfies that anyone would be lucky to receive!

7. When she took a nap after eating

Hungry girlfriend Ryujin transformed into sleepy girlfriend Ryujin!

See Ryujin’s full vlog below!