Here Are ITZY Yeji’s Top 10 Event Looks That Had BBE (Bad B*tch Energy)

She slays in outfit #9!

ITZY’s Yeji looks incredibly fierce wherever she goes. She even brings her charisma on the red carpet, where she stunned fans with these 10 gorgeous event looks. Check out her most chic and goddess-like moments below!

1. White Blazer and Pigtails Braids

Her eye gems were the finishing touches for this cool look.

2. Futuristic Space Girl

Space buns, sequins, and baggy jeans? Yes, PLEASE.

3. The “Step-On-Me” Fit

From the hair tinsel to the white boots, this whole look is iconic.

4. Sexy and Sleek

This simple look is brought to life through the elegant details, including the strappy detailing and statement accessories.

5. Badass C.E.O.

Yeji takes a classic look of a white blazer and makes it more ITZY with some studded hoops and mini space buns.

6. Glamorous Elegance

She’s a classic beauty in this black gown with toned-down makeup.

7. Textures on Textures…on Textures…

Move over, Elsa. This outfit gives Yeji total “ice queen” vibes!

8. Punk Rock Princess

She slays this edgy look with tons of cool accessories, including a studded belt.

9. All-White Queen Behavior

This look is just everything, okay? Out of every amazing detail here, her turtleneck-inspired collar completes the whole outfit.

10. Glitzy Goddess

Yeji stuns in rainbow sequins (and earrings to match!) with neon bottoms.