ITZY’s Yeji Shocks Netizens With Her Versatile Visuals — Here Are 7 Of Her Best Hairstyles

Who can pull off #4 like her?! 😍

ITZY‘s Yeji can pull off any style from fierce and sexy to cute and girly. According to netizens, she can change her aura to fit any concept and a variety of hairstyles. Check out 7 of her most iconic looks below that prove there’s no hairstyle she can’t slay!

1. High Ponytail

A slicked-back ponytail brings out Yeji’s fox-like features.

If “fierce” is the goal, then a high pony is the way to go!

2. Space Buns

Also called “Pucca” hair, Yeji shows how space buns can go from casual and cute…

…to charismatic and glam with a little extra styling!

3. Pigtails

Not everyone can pull off high pigtails and make the style look modern and cute instead of elementary.

However, Yeji shows that with a cool hair part, some chunky jewelry, and a badass expression, the youthful hairstyle is reinvented as a sleek updo.

4. Pigtail Braids

To spice up her pigtail look, Yeji braided a few sections and achieved maximum cool points.

With an added blue hair extension, a touch of color reinvents the whole look.

5. Half-up Space Buns

If trying space buns feels too daring, Yeji shows an alternative method to wearing the adorable style.

It’s safe to say she totally killed it!

6. Braided Updo

Yeji emerged with this sleek look for ITZY’s “In The Morning” era.

She rocked the cool style during their Knowing Bros. appearance.

7. Pulled-back Bangs

Two of Yeji’s most stylish ways to keep her hair back included a single braid framing her face…

…as well as two mini pigtails at the top of her head!

Source: Nate Pann