Here’s How ITZY’s Yeji Changed With Each Era, According To Netizens

She grew up so much!

Yeji has grown up since ITZY‘s debut in 2019. Her image and style have underwent various changes and made her who she is currently today. Check out how she changed with each era below!


Around the time of ITZY’s debut, Yeji was only 18 so she had a youthful look and her adorable “baby fat” cheeks.

This look is one of the fan-favorites due to her fairy image.

2. Wannabe

During “Wannabe,” she began to mature more and took on the image of a baby wolf.

3. Not Shy

Netizens believed at this point, Yeji evolved from a baby cat/wolf to a human!

4. Mafia In the Morning

During this era, she took on a whole new fierce look with the alluring aura of a “ssen unnie,” or a cool older girl.

Her makeup, hair, and styling all fell in line with this sharp image.

5. Loco and Sneakers

Most recently, Yeji returned to a softer look from the previous era with slightly toned down makeup.

Source: Nate Pann


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