5 Times ITZY’s Yuna Wowed Us With Her Hidden Artistic Talent

These artworks belong in a gallery!

Everyone knows ITZY‘s maknae Yuna is an amazing dancer and rapper, but what many don’t realize is that she’s just as talented at art as she is at performing. Just take a look at these five times the 17-year-old wowed us with paintings and drawings that totally belong in an art gallery.

1. When she painted this sunset

Back in January last year, Yuna shared a series of photos on Instagram featuring herself at an art studio.

ITZY’s Yuna | @itzy.all.in.us//Instagram

Starting with a blank canvas, Yuna created a beautiful sunset painting masterpiece while she was there, using vibrant, contrasting colors that draw the eye in instantly.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

2. When she painted this realistic eye

From finicky lashes to complex irises, most amateur artists know that eyes aren’t easy to draw. Despite that, Yuna did a perfect job with this realistic eye painting.


3. When she painted this abstract piece

Did you notice that painting behind the eye? It’s also the work of talented artist Yuna. Alongside realism, she also excels at creating more surreal pieces like this abstract landscape-style painting.


4. When she used traditional materials

Despite her young age, Yuna is just as good at using traditional materials as she is with modern paints and pencils—as she revealed on Codename: Secret ITZY 2.

| ITZY/YouTube

Yuna used a traditional Asian brush pen to create a monochrome landscape with mountains and roads on the show, drawing the awe of ITZY’s staff.

| ITZY/YouTube

5. When she played down her skills

Even with nothing but a pencil and paper, Yuna still shows incredible creative skill and an eye for art. In a live broadcast this year, she showed off two pencil drawings. The first was a carnation with falling petals.


The second, meanwhile, was a stylized portrait of her beloved cat, Sarangie. Amazingly, Yuna told fans watching the broadcast that she wants to learn how to draw—as if she’s not super talented already!


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