ITZY’s Yuna Asked Her Family Members To Give Her Cooking A Score, And Their Answers Were All Relatable AF

Anyone with siblings can relate to #3!

ITZY‘s Yuna brought fans home with her in Episode 110 of ITZY? ITZY!

ITZY’s Yuna
Here, she showed them her morning-after-Chuseok routine where she made a simple breakfast to cap off the Korean Thanksgiving holiday.

I’m hungry so I have to make some food. I’m planning to cook today for my mom, dad, and older sister nice and simple scrambled eggs. Today’s the second day of Chuseok. I ate a lot yesterday so I have to have a simple meal today.

— Yuna

She showed off her cooking skills by beating the eggs expertly as if she’s done it many times before. A couple of sausages and a cup of coffee rounded up the simple but hearty meal.

Each of her three family members gave her food a rating, they were very much in line with the stereotypical roles associated with parents and siblings.

Check them out below!

1. Mom – 100

First up, Yuna’s mom gave her a perfect score of 100 over 100. Like the caring mother that she is, she said it with full certainty.

Of course I give you 100!

— Yuna’s Mom

2. Dad – 97

Yuna’s dad, on the other hand, gave her three points less than her mom did. When asked, “Today’s breakfast, what grade would you give?” he had a ready answer.

I’d say 97.

— Yuna’s Dad

Nevertheless, Yuna was still satisfied with the high rating. The editors of the show aptly put the captions, “Can’t hide [her] smile” to describe her expression.

She also couldn’t help but laugh when he explained himself further. Eating breakfast near noon time wasn’t the norm in their household, it seemed!

Yuna: Why are three points off?

Yuna’s Dad: That…that’s because it was too late.

Yuna: You’re right. We’re eating breakfast at 11:30 AM!

3. Sister – 70

Last but certainly not the least, Yuna’s unnie gave a very sibling-like score. She graded the ITZY singer a vastly different answer than her parents: just 70 over 100.

It was a failing score that simultaneously shocked and amused Yuna. Better yet, her sister did not give any explanation behind the failing score—it was just her way to joke around.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube


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