10 Times ITZY’s Yuna Looked Like Everyone’s High School Crush In The Cutest School Uniforms

Her smile in #7 was everything.

ITZY‘s Yuna is considered one of the top visuals of her generation, so it’s not a stretch to think that she’d be everyone’s crush on campus as well!

Check out her unbeatable visuals in school uniforms below.

1. While taking selfies

Her photos always come out looking perfect.

ITZY’s Yuna 

2. By the hallway

In case you didn’t know, she currently attends the Hanlim Multi-Arts School—what lucky classmates!

3. In blonde

This Knowing Bros look will go down in history as one of her best!

4. In a yellow skirt

This other Knowing Bros attire is just as cute.

5. In a photoshoot

Her pictorial with NAVER and Dispatch showed off her effortless beauty!

6. In a fansign

It’s a blessing to see her up close.

7. With a red bow

With this smile, she’s one hundred percent the campus beauty!

8. In a Harry Potter inspired attire

She’d stand out even in a magic-filled school like Hogwarts.

9. With the group

She’s the cute maknae everyone loves.

Yuna (Right) with her fellow ITZY members

10. Walking by us

Finally, Yuna took our breaths away when she was videoed walking by her schoolmates alongside Chaeryeong. Everyone’s eyes were on them!

One thing’s for sure, uniforms fit Yuna perfectly!