ITZY’s Yuna Gets Emotional Over Her Mother’s Personalized Gift

Netizens were also moved.

ITZY member Yuna recently told fans about an incredible handmade gift she received from her mother.

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Yuna | theqoo

The ITZY maknae took to the fan communication platform, Bubble, and shared the moving story. Since the group is currently in London for their concert, Yuna’s family flew out to show their support. When her mother met her, Yuna said she handed her a gift that almost made her cry.

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Yuna with her mother | theqoo

The gift was a box of popsicle sticks, each with a strength of Yuna written on it. When she realized what her mother had gifted her, Yuna said she teared up immediately.

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Yuna: Aaand my mom gave me a gift, hehe. I shed a few tears.

Yuna: She told me to pick one. So I picked one, and she told me to pick another one.

Yuna: Then she asked me to guess what they were. I jokingly said, ‘My strengths?’

Yuna: My mom nodded her head. And I teared up…

She shared a picture of her gift with fans, showing the effort and love her mother had put into it. Each stick highlighted a positive part of Yuna’s character, such as “Expresses love to her dad amicably,” “Knows how to appreciate the scent of forests,” “Confident,” and “Smiles frequently and has a pretty smile.”

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Netizens were deeply moved by the mother-daughter relationship, noting that Yuna owed her lovable character to such a great upbringing.

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  • “Tears TT.”
  • “OMG… I’m all emotional TT.”
  • “So, there was a reason behind Yuna’s bright and lovable personality… Probably because she received so much love from her family.”
  • “There’s a reason why Yuna is so lovely 🥺🥺🥺.”
  • “I’m jealous, TT.”
  • “Whoa! Her mom wrote all of those??? Wow… What a gift. Her love is immeasurable.”
  • “Why am I crying TT TT?”
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