10 Jaw-Dropping Times ITZY’s Yuna Took Mirror Selfies That Showed Off Her Legendary Physique

#7 is simply stunning.

ITZY‘s Yuna is a selfie queen! As the years pass by, her selfie game keeps on getting better and better.

Check out some of her best ones that showed off her physique below!

1. In blue

First up, Yuna looked drop dead gorgeous in a half zip shirt and Y2K-like mini skirt.

2. In green

Her green bodysuit molded to her body like perfection.

3. In preppy blue

Crop tops seem to have been made just for her.

4. In low-rise jeans

Low rise skinny jeans are another fashion staple that she pulls off perfectly.

5. In her “U-Go-Girl” stage costume

Yuna’s hourglass figure was highlighted in her cute outfit for her Lee Hyori cover.

6. In black and white

No matter what she wears, she never fails to look like a doll.

7. In practice attire

Yuna’s in casual clothes is jaw-dropping.

8. In a button down

Knee high socks helped emphasize her long, long legs.

9. In the practice room

Every selfie of Yuna’s is top-tier.


10. In denim

Last but certainly not the least, her small waist was emphasized with the white fabric wrapped around it.

Needless to say, there’s a reason why her physique is often praised!