10+ Recent Times ITZY’s Yuna Reminded Us She’s A Top Tier Visual We Should Never Forget

#8 will make you stop and stare.

ITZY‘s Yuna keeps surprising us all with her gorgeous visuals! She debuted as a top-tier visual in 2019 and continued to wow us all with her beauty.

Check out some of her recent moments below that we can’t help but replay.

1. Professional Yuna

She stood out even in a performance with other girl group members in a year end award show.

2. Fierce Yuna

Girl crush is the concept that she never fails to own.

3. Cozy Yuna

The girlfriend vibes are strong in this one.

4. Camera-Ready Yuna

She was born to be a star!

5. Pure Yuna

White naturally looks fantastic on her.

6. Attentive Yuna

She’s gorgeous even when she’s just sitting down.

7. Sassy Yuna

She can step on us and we’d say, “Thank you.”

8. Ending Fairy Yuna

She wraps up every performance perfectly.

9. Adorable Yuna

She’s too cute for words!

10. Aegyo-Filled Yuna

The aegyo princess is here.

11. MC Yuna

And finally, there’s something about Yuna in elegant clothes that just makes our jaws drop!

She’s a top visual and she’s making sure we never forget it.