These Are The Dresses IU Could’ve Worn To Cannes, And She Looks Stunning In All Of Them

And the prettiest woman in the world award goes to … IU!!

We all know that IU was stunning at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, and in her most recent YouTube update, IU revealed the dress fitting she went through to find those iconic dresses. As it was the first time she had filmed a dress fitting, IU was a little nervous, but her playful nature came out as soon as she wore the first dress. While IU only ended up wearing two of the dresses to Cannes, she looked absolutely amazing in each of them, and we’re here to go through all the looks.

1. Black Ball Gown

IU looked like a princess ready for a grand ball, but while the dress was beautiful and easy to wear, it was a bit too heavy to walk in.

| 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube

2. Glittery Open Back Dress

With less material than the black gown, this dress was bold and mesmerizing with its glam and glitz.

Though IU was a bit shocked by the deep V-cut of the back, she didn’t forget to have fun with it.

3. Elegant Moss Color Dress

Every girl knows when they’ve found their perfect dress, and IU fell in love with this one at first sight.

4. Royal Purple Dress

With a long cape train from the shoulders, IU looked like an absolute queen in this dress. While it might take a lot of confidence to pull off, IU did so effortlessly.

5. Reserved Mermaid Dress

Despite being tired after trying on so many dresses, IU still managed to look jaw-droppingly gorgeous in this white dress.

In the end, IU went with the moss color gown, unswayed from her first love. And though initially, she would have to choose between the moss color dress or the Gucci one that would arrive the next day, IU couldn’t let go of either and ended up wearing both. And we’re all grateful for the decision because she’s never looked more like a fairy queen.

| @gucci/Twitter

She’s also been officially announced as one of Gucci’s Global Brand Ambassadors! As expected of the Nation’s Sweetheart.