Literally All Of IU’s “The Golden Hour” Concert Outfits Were Stunning—Here Are The 10+ Best Ones

She looked like a princess in #9 😍

IU‘s recent “The Golden Hour” concert was a huge success. Not only did she successfully sell out both concert days, she also received praise for the way she made sure her fans had the best experience. And one way she wowed them was with her many outfit changes, all of which were stunning!

In no particular order, check out the most beautiful ones below.

1. This Military x Princess Fusion

2. This Cape Dress

3. These Overalls

4. This White Mini Dress

5. This Pink Bejeweled Dress

6. This Frill Top And Tulle Skirt

7. This Off-Shoulder Dress

8. This Princess Gown

9. This Black And Gold Gown

10. This Beaded Uniform

11. This Office Attire

12. This Plaid Top And Baggy Jeans

13. Finally, This Floral, Flowy Dress

IU’s clothes included, everything about her two-day concert was amazing! Check out one more reason why it will go down in history here:

IU Reveals The Depth Of Her Love For Fans By Going Around In A Hot Air Balloon At “The Golden Hour”