IU Reveals The Depth Of Her Love For Fans By Going Around In A Hot Air Balloon At “The Golden Hour”

She wants to get as close to fans as possible.

Like any IU concert, the beloved singer-songwriter goes above and beyond for her fans, treating them to the concert of a lifetime. With her historic performance at Jamsil Olympic stadium, she reasserted her position as the Queen of K-Pop, not only for being an incredible artist but also for her genuine love for Uaenas.

Thanks to the open stadium, IU could treat fans to sights that wouldn’t usually be possible at a concert. With a firework show and a drone show, no matter where you were in Seoul, you’d be able to see where IU was performing.

Combine those fantastic visuals with IU’s sugar-sweet voice, and fans can’t help but be overwhelmed with emotion the entire time.

One of the many legendary parts of her concert was her performance of “Strawberry Moon,” when she boarded a hot air balloon to sing to Uaenas.

Designed to be a strawberry moon, this is the surprise IU prepared for fans when she said that even if the night were cloudy, the moon would still shine bright. She literally created a strawberry moon for Uaenas, perhaps the perfect metaphor for her being the gentle and steadfast light for fans in their darkest times and vice versa.

What makes this performance even sweeter is that she specifically prepared this hot air balloon event to get closer to Uaenas on the third floor, who otherwise would have difficulty seeing her face to face.

You can see just how close she got to fans, even in the farthest areas of the stadium, and it’s a testament to her overwhelming love and appreciation toward Uaenas.

IU treats Uaenas like royalty, providing meals and cushions at her concert and doing her best to get up close and personal. Truthfully, the real queen is IU, and once again, she has everyone falling deeper in love with her.