Here Are 6 Adorable And Quirky Habits IU Does Subconsciously

#2 can make things awkward!

Some of IU‘s cutest habits are the ones she doesn’t even realize she’s doing! Take a look at these 6 precious things she does without even realizing it.

1. Touching her mouth when she’s thinking.

Sometimes she bites her finger when she’s concentrating.

Other times she just touches her lips.


But it’s not limited to her mouth — sometimes she touches her head!

2. Keeping her hands in front of her as if she’s ready to receive an award.

She doesn’t even realize she’s doing this most of the time!

It could even spark a bit of awkwardness if done at the wrong time.



3. Turning her head sideways and glaring cutely.

She always makes this silly expression when she’s joking around.




4. Pulling at her bangs like an antenna.

I wonder if her antenna has good reception…

5. Keeping her left pinky raised.

Whether she’s waving…

Doing a heart…

Or holding a microphone!

6. Making this adorable expression with her mouth when drinking water and puffing her cheeks.

She’s the human version of the 😗 emoji!


Source: Instiz