7 Times IU Shocked With Her Sexy Duality

“Nation’s little sister” no more.

Singer IU is well known for her cuteness and her innocent image. She has been known as the “nation’s little sister” since her debut days, for her girl-next-door vibes. As she matures, IU has definitely proven from time to time that she is so much more than that. With age, she has matured like fine wine, and can perfectly exude a sexy aura when the moment calls for it! Here’s 8 times where she shocked fans with her duality.

1. The bared back

She recently posted a series of photos on Instagram in an elegant black dress. Although the high neckline keeps it chic, the subtly low back teased fans.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

2. One-shouldered cut-out

This white dress gains mega brownie points from us for being the perfect blend of elegant and sexy. The long length balances the exposed shoulder and waist.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

3. “Persona”

She was the epitome of sensual in Netflix hit Persona. She played four different characters in the series of short films. She stood out as a yoga teacher that ate the hearts of men.

| Netflix

In another, she was fully covered in a tennis outfit, but still managed to convey a unique aura of mysterious sensuality.

| Netflix

4. Smart but sexy

Her smouldering look is what gives off a sexy vibe here. The polo tank is both sexy and smart.

5. Red haired siren

We loved her red hair! Paired with a lace see-through dress, Modern Times was one of the best eras for her.

6. Summer Stripes

Something about her here just screams sexy. Although her outfit is pretty conservative with jeans, it’s inexplicably hot.

7. Cindy

One of her breakthrough acting roles was as Cindy in Producer. She pulled off the role of a sexy singer perfectly.

Sexy, cute, talented — IU is the whole package!