11 Funniest Reactions To IU And Lee Jong Suk Dating

IU has a lot of K-Pop idol fanboys 😂

Going from friends to lovers, the dating news between singer IU and actor Lee Jong Suk took fans by pleasant surprise. Fans even shared their funny reactions to the new relationship. So here are eleven to enjoy as the new year kicks off with their sweet romance.


1-2. Dispatch knowing all along that Lee Jong Suk’s awards speech was about IU

3. IU’s many K-Pop idol fanboys being hit hard by the news

4. Congratulating Lee Jong Suk and IU’s romance but crying on the inside

5. Lee Jong Suk winning an award with his on-screen wife Yoona but coming home to his girlfriend IU

6-7. Knowing that IU’s next album will have inspiration from her romance with Lee Jong Suk

8. Kicking and screaming from how cute Lee Jong Suk and IU are as a couple

9-10. Stuck between loving them as a couple but also wanting to be them

11. IU and Lee Jong Suk being proof that the friends-to-lovers trope is very real