15+ Photos That Prove IU Is Actually A Total Badass Deep Down

Badass is IU’s middle name.

We all know IU to be cute, effortlessly beautiful, and graceful as a modern princess, but often surprises fans with a completely different side. Here are 15+ photos of IU looking surprisingly badass.

1. IU having a badass cup of coffee while showing off her abs

2. IU rocking a bold leather jacket with no pants

3. Badass IU giving everybody a heart attack for her 2015 calendar shot


4. IU looking very badass in a lacy outfit while waiting to go on stage

5. IU looking like a casual baddie at the airport

6. IU as the infamous badass Cindy

7. Another shot of “Cindy” because she’s just that badass

8. IU being effortlessly badass in a silky black shirt and high boots

9. IU in the same badass outfit while breaking out in a badass move

10. IU proving that crop tops and ripped jeans are definitely for her

11. Another shot of IU in the badass outfit just because

12. IU in fishnet stockings


13. IU working it with messy hair


14. IU in a leather jacket on stage

15. IU as badass Jang Man Wol in Hotel Del Luna

16. The time IU even made a plant look badass

And lastly…

17. IU even eats an apple like a badass