IU Reveals Her Top 5 Secret Dating Tips That Are Guaranteed To Make Girls Fall Hard For You

IU says that if you do all these, especially #5, girls would be more attracted to you.

What does it take for you to capture women’s hearts?

It turns out that you don’t need to read a lot of articles or do in-depth research anymore, because top-tier Korean celebrity IU has your back!

Should you do this? Or should you not do this? How do you do this? Or why should you do that?

IU reveals her dating secrets for everyone to use to boost their dating lives.

Here are five of them you can use, starting today — as long as you focus first on figuring out what girls like first:

1. Take care of your partner

Girls like it when their partners take care of them.

This can be as simple as fixing their drinks for them, or this can also be as extravagant as picking them up from their office so you can drop them off at their homes.

2. Give her specific compliments

As IU mentioned, don’t just tell them that they’re pretty: this is a boring and overused compliment that they have probably heard of before. For example, in IU’s case, you can tell her you love her honey voice since it relaxes you whenever you hear it.

3. Be awed by her beauty and overall qualities as a person

Girls like it when you appreciate their beauty — but it shouldn’t be just about their beauty alone…

…it should be about their overall qualities such as visuals and lovely personality, too.

4. Treat her like she’s the only one

This is obvious but it still needs to be said: commit to one person alone and never cheat.

Make them feel special and well-loved.

5. Mirror their movements

Your subconscious mind is pretty powerful since the thoughts that occur during this state can affect your daily life. That’s why for you to trigger attraction during the subconscious state…

…you can mirror your partner’s movements.

If she’s crossing her arms while talking, do the same. If she’s touching her chin, do it too. And if she’s looking deep in your eyes, naturally, you need to follow suit and mirror her movements.

What if IU is your dream girl, then? Is there any hope for you? Well, we can never predict the future, but perhaps you can make the most of the present moment by checking out the next article below:

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