IU Is So Amazing, These 11 Idols All Named Her As Their Role Model

These idols strive to be like IU one day.

From beautiful singing to meaningful songwriting to outstanding acting, IU has it all. So, it’s no wonder so many girl group idols look up to her as their role model. Here are 11 stars who all named IU as their inspiration.

1. Eunbi (IZ*ONE)

IZ*ONE all revealed their role models in an issue of Glitter Magazine, and Eunbi’s choice was IU.

2. Yujin (IZ*ONE)

Fellow IZ*ONE member Yujin chose IU as her role model too.

3. Chungha

In an interview with Section TV, Chungha gave plenty of reasons why IU is her role model. She told the host she admires how IU does everything live. Despite dancing and running around, her voice still sounds great, which is why Chungha wants to become like her.

4. Yerin (GFRIEND)

Most of the GFRIEND members are IU fans. When they debuted, Yerin listed IU as her role model in her member introduction.

5. Umji (GFRIEND)

Alongside Yerin, GFRIEND’s Umji also said IU is her role model.

6. Sejeong (GUGUDAN)

On an episode of Get it Beauty in 2017, Gugudan’s Sejeong named both Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and IU as her role models. Sejeong said she looks up to IU for being good at everything—singing, songwriting, and acting.

7. Chuu (LOONA)

In an interview for Star 1 magazine, LOONA’s Chuu told fans that IU has always been her role model because she wants to become a singer who can move people and fill the stage with her voice.

8. Haseul (LOONA)

IU is such a big inspiration for LOONA’s Haseul, she even auditioned for her company with IU’s song “Friday”.

9. Boni (Dreamnote)

Dreamnote’s Boni is a big admirer of IU and calls her an inspiration.

10. Jeewon (Cignature)

As a member of GOOD DAY before debuting with Cignature, Jeewon revealed that IU is her role model.

11. Dayeon (Neon Punch)

Neon Punch’s Dayeon says IU is her role model because she’s so talented at everything.