Here Are 17 Unedited Fantaken Photos Of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung That Show What She Actually Looks Like IRL

#3 captures her true beauty. 😍

If you thought IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung was stunning on screen, just wait until you see how gorgeous she is in real life! These unedited fantaken photos and videos capture her true aura and make it feel like you’re really seeing her in person. Check them out below!

1. She glows like a real angel!

2. Her professional looks are iconic.

3. She sweetly greets fans at Paris Fashion Week.

4. Just look at her model proportions!

5. Getting a front seat will get you a close-up view.

6. She couldn’t get any cuter!

7. Imagine encountering her in person by chance like this lucky fan!

8. Her profile is flawless.

9. She actually looks like this.

10. Her purple hair was a look that fans will never forget!

11. She signs autographs and blows kisses for fans.

12. She’s always thoughtful to her fans as she makes her way through the crowd.

13. She stops for a photo-op in public.

14. She’s a true princess!

15. Her IRL visuals are beyond stunning.

16. The eye contact!

17. They’re all so gorgeous!



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