10 Times IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Went Viral For The Most Iconic Reasons

#5 is a must-watch!

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung is always going viral! Whether it’s her beauty, kind interactions with fans, or adorable moments, it doesn’t take much for news of Wonyoung to travel around the internet. Check out 10 video clips of her that passed over 1M views on Twitter and proved her status as a viral queen.

1. Wonyoung’s eye contact with a fansite

This Y/N style video quickly received 1.5M views for it’s fairytale feeling!

2. Wonyoung eating a strawberry with two hands

This adorable moment quickly garnered 2.7M views for eating like a bunny baby.

3. Signing a fan’s autograph in Paris

This sweet interaction between Wonyoung and a lucky fan received 5.5M views.

4. Wonyoung strutting her stuff in her Paris hotel room

With 1.6M views, she’s fabulous and she knows it!

5. This adorable moment with former IZ*ONE’s Chaewon

Reaching 1.5M views, everyone fell in love with this iconic moment.

6. Taking off her mask at the airport

At 1M views, Wonyoung’s chiseled abs stole the show!

7. Her visuals at a baseball game

This fancam reached 1.2M views just for her glowing beauty.

8. Her pitch at the baseball game

Reaching 1.6M views, she’s officially everyone’s favorite pitcher!

9. “Groove Back” performance with J.Y. Park

This unexpected match up received 1.6M views for this clip of their “Groove Back” stage.

10. Wonyoung breaks down in tears during a fancall

This fan’s words touched her heart and accumulated 1.7M views.