5 Reasons Why IVE Has Already Succeeded In The K-Pop Industry, According To Netizens

#2 can’t be denied.

Ever since their debut, Starship Entertainment‘s rookie group IVE has been taking over K-Pop. They have been the talk of the town for months now, and for more reasons than one!

Recently, netizens narrowed down why people have taken a heavy interest in the girl group, leading to their early success. Check out the five reasons below.

1. Former IZ*ONE members Wonyoung and Yujin

Having come from the hugely popular project group IZ*ONE, fans were highly anticipating Wonyoung and Yujin’s return to the entertainment scene.

Wonyoung | @IVE_twt./Twitter
Yujin | @_yujin_an/Instagram

When they were announced as members of IVE, the news was met with excitement from all over the world. Many tuned in to their debut and were not disappointed.

2. Great songs

Speaking of their debut, “ELEVEN” was a commercial hit. It didn’t take long for the girls to take home their first win. Incredibly, they set a new record for the fastest win for a girl group from debut (7 days), beating ITZY‘s 2019 record with “Dalla Dalla” (9 days)!


It couldn’t have been easy to surpass the success of “ELEVEN,” but IVE still managed to exceed expectations when they made a comeback with “LOVE DIVE.” They were already great, but they returned better than ever.

| Starship Entertainment

3. Starship’s management

According to netizens, IVE’s label, Starship Entertainment, made many good decisions when planning the group’s overall aesthetic. The concept they decided to pursue suited the members’ youthful and chic personalities.

4. Member composition

All six members of IVE are pretty, cute, and talented, not to mention they each have their own charming characteristics. Everyone contributes something different to the group, and it wouldn’t be the same if one were missing.

| Starship Entertainment

5. Wonyoung’s media talk

Last but not the least, it’s undeniable that Wonyoung brought a lot of buzz to the group. She is currently K-Pop’s biggest “it girl” because of her stunning visuals, tall height, and likeable personality. And of course, she’s talented to boot!

Meanwhile, IVE recently guested on variety MMTG, where Leeseo shared how she felt about the time a camera director “aggressively” got in her face. Check out her answer here:

A Camera Once Went Within Inches Of IVE Leeseo’s Face—Here’s What She Thought Of It

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