Here Are 4 Times IVE’s Stylists Came Under Fire

From lingerie to favoritism, netizens were not happy.

Though IVE‘s stylists usually hit the mark when it comes to dressing the members in stunning outfits, there are a few times when netizens were upset with the outcome of their looks. Check out some of the most controversial looks below.

1. Wonyoung’s Favoritism

Fans accused stylists of favoring Wonyoung by giving her outfits that greatly differ from the rest of the members.

When the other members and back-up dancers all wore black, the stylists dressed Wonyoung in white. At a glance, this gave the illusion that she was a solo artist rather than part of a group.

This began from IVE’s debut showcase where all of the members wore black except for Wonyoung who was dressed in neon pink.

This has happened on various occasions, causing fans to believe it’s not just a coincidence but rather preferential treatment from stylists.

Since then, the stylists have made improvements in creating cohesive looks that emphasize every member.

2. Yujin’s Lingerie

Fans were upset when stylists dressed Yujin in a lingerie-inspired look featuring a bra on the outside of her clothes.

As a minor at the time, fans deemed this outfit especially inappropriate for someone of Yujin’s age.


3. Unflattering makeup

IVE’s makeup artists have been criticized for giving the girls unflattering makeup that ages them and doesn’t suit their personal color.

In unedited photos from various awards shows, the bold makeup feels slightly dated and doesn’t emphasize their best features.

Comparing Yujin’s makeup before this change…

…to her makeup style after, there is a stark difference between the two styles.

Fans noted how before, her makeup emphasized her best points, while after, the makeup sat on top of her face. Specifically, netizens believed her eyebrows became too bold, her blush was too dark, and her under eye makeup was too bright.

Wonyoung also suffered a similar fate and netizens were not happy with the bold, arched eyebrow shape she was given.

Additionally, on her way to Knowing Bros., the new makeup in the harsh lighting of the outdoors appeared too heavy.

4. 2022 Asia Artist Awards

Netizens were displeased with IVE’s outfits from the 2022 Asia Artist Awards red carpet.

Though the girls looked gorgeous, the outfits themselves were criticized for being too mismatched and rushed.