IZ*ONE Share Their Goodbye Messages To Fans In Final Episode Of “ENOZI Cam”

Who’s up for an “ENOZI Cam” binge-watch session? 🥺

After two years and 100 episodes, IZ*ONE‘s “ENOZI Cam” series on YouTube has sadly drawn to an end upon the group’s disbandment this April 29. Taking fans behind the scenes of their final concert, all 12 IZ*ONE members recorded sweet special messages for WIZ*ONEs to commemorate the end of a series that’s brought fans joy, smiles, and laughter since November 2018.

1. Wonyoung

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube 

Hello WIZ*ONE~ Today’s concert! It’s the last day, so I’ll do my best until the end! I love you WIZ*ONE!

— Wonyoung

2. Yujin

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube

WIZ*ONE~ Mmm… Thank you so much for loving ENOZI Cam. I miss you so much~ Bye! Love you.

— Yujin

3. Yuri

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube

Thank you WIZ*ONE~ Love you!

— Yuri

4. Hitomi

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube 

Thank you for always watching our videos. The time I spent with WIZ*ONE became a very precious memory for me! I was so happy, now and for ever. I can’t believe it’s the last… I don’t know what to say, but thank you for everything. I will love you always! Goodbye, make sure you eat well~

— Hitomi

5. Minju

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube 

Well…ENOZI~ Thank you for being with us. We became friends so I’m sad that this is the last episode already, but you helped me cheer up during the promotions. Thank you so much for showing us to WIZ*ONE. Thanks for everything. I love you. Goodbye WIZ*ONE~

— Minju

6. Nako

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube 

WIZ*ONE~ Thanks for watching ENOZI Cam for 2 and a half years~ It was fun, right? Since my Korean wasn’t good… Since it wasn’t good, until now, thanks for watching me~ Love you WIZ*ONE.

— Nako

7. Chaewon

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube 

Hello WIZ*ONE~ The ENOZI Cam you got to watch every week came to an end! Did ENOZI Cam help WIZ*ONE cheer…up? I hope it did~ We have so many fun memories on ENOZI Cam. I think I’ll watch it often. Love you WIZ*ONE~ Goodbye!

— Chaewon

8. Chaeyeon

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube 

WIZ*ONE, I love you so much!

— Chaeyeon

9. Yena

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube 

WIZ*ONE~ Really I am so happy that I got to Make unforgettable memories with WIZ*ONE. I’m also very thankful. I love you so much~ I really miss you. Love you.

— Yena

10. Hyewon

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube 

Hello ENOZI~ Thanks for everything~ I suddenly feel sorry for thinking that you’re annoying… joking! I never thought you’re annoying. ENOZI, I was always honest with you~ Just joking, thanks for everything ENOZI~ Thank you~ WIZ*ONE, thanks for always watching ENOZI Cam. ENOZI did an excellent job capturing the small parts of our lives. It was so fun to share our daily lives with WIZ*ONE. Thank you~ Love you~ ENOZI, I love you too~

— Hyewon

11. Sakura

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube 

Thanks for everything during the past two and a half years. Our memories are in ENOZI Cam, so I couldn’t wait to watch the videos all the time. It’s a bit sad that this will be the last upload… but the 2 and a half years I spent with ENOZI was full of happiness. I think WIZ*ONE also made a lot of memories watching ENOZI Cam. Let’s keep up the good work and work hard~ I love you WIZ*ONE, and thanks for being with us for 2 and a half years ENOZI.

— Sakura

12. Eunbi

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube 

Hello WIZ*ONE~ WIZ*ONE~ I miss you so so much~ Honestly~ so much~ I love you.

— Eunbi

Watch the full final episode of “ENOZI Cam” here: