Here Are The (Pretty Fair) Line Distributions For All 23 Songs IZ*ONE Released In 2020

There’s about a 9% difference between the member with the most lines and the member with the least.

There’s no doubt that IZ*ONE had a tremendous year in 2020. They already started out successful at their debut, but last year saw their album sales skyrocket and their popularity go even higher than it already was.

They released three Korean language albums in 2020: BLOOM*IZ, Oneiric Diary, and One-reeler / Act IV. They all made a tremendous amount of sales, and with such widespread publicity, it can be interesting to see how the lines were distributed between all 12 members, especially since some of them are Japanese and possibly not as familiar with the language.

Here are the line distributions for all 23 Korean language songs they released in 2020, as well as the album totals and overall total lines each member had throughout the year.


1. “Eyes”

2. “Fiesta”

3. “Dreamlike”

4. “Ayayaya”

5. “So Curious”

6. “Spaceship”

7. “Destiny”

8. “You & I”

9. “Daydream”

10. “Pink Blusher”

11. “Someday”

12. “Open Your Eyes”

Album Total:

Most lines: Yuri (13.9%)

2nd: Chaewon (11.5%)

3rd: Yujin (11.4%)

4th: Yena (10.2%)

5th: Eunbi (9.4%)

6th: Wonyoung (9.2%)

7th: Hitomi (7.1%)

8th: Minju (6.7%)

9th: Chaeyeon (6.3%)

10th: Nako (5.8%)

11th: Sakura (4.8%)

12th: Hyewon (3.7%)

Oneiric Diary

1. “Secret Story of the Swan”

2. “Pretty”

3. “Merry-Go-Round”

4. “Rococo”

5. “With*One”

Album Total:

Most lines: Yuri (14.1%)

2nd: Chaewon (11.5%)

3rd: Wonyoung & Yena (9.1%)

4th: Eunbi (9%)

5th: Yujin (7.9%)

6th: Minju (7.7%)

7th: Hitomi (7.5%)

8th: Chaeyeon (7.2%)

9th: Nako (6.5%)

10th: Sakura (5.8%)

11th: Hyewon (4.6%)

One-reeler / Act IV

1. “Mise-en-Scène”

2. “Panorama”

3. “Island”

4. “Sequence”

5. “O Sole Mio”

6. “Slow Journey”

Album Total:

Most lines: Yuri & Chaewon (11.3%)

2nd: Yujin (11.1%)

3rd: Yena (11%)

4th: Eunbi (9.3%)

5th: Wonyoung (8.6%)

6th: Minju (7.9%)

7th: Chaeyeon (7.7%)

8th: Nako (6.8%)

9th: Hitomi (6.1%)

10th: Sakura (4.7%)

11th: Hyewon (4.2%)

Overall Total:

Most lines: Yuri (main vocalist): 13.1%

2nd: Chaewon (lead vocalist, lead dancer): 11.4%

3rd: Yujin (lead vocalist, lead dancer) & Yena (main rapper, lead vocalist, lead dancer): 10.1%

4th: Eunbi (leader, main dancer, lead vocalist): 9.2%

5th: Wonyoung (lead dancer, sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, center, maknae): 9%

6th: Minju (lead rapper, sub-vocalist, visual): 7.4%

7th: Chaeyeon (main dancer, lead vocalist, lead rapper): 7.1%

8th: Hitomi (lead dancer, sub-vocalist, sub-rapper): 6.9%

9th: Nako (sub-vocalist): 6.4%

10th: Sakura (sub-rapper, sub-vocalist, visual): 5.1%

11th: Hyewon (lead rapper, sub-vocalist, visual): 4.2%

Looking at the members’ positions, it can give more insight into why the lines are distributed the way they are — more of the main or lead vocalists have more lines, whereas more of the sub-vocalists and sub-rappers, as well as those more focused on dancing, tend to have less lines. The Japanese member also had less lines in these songs, but likely have a lot more lines in their Japanese language albums!