11 Times IZ*ONE Members Accidentally Hit Each Other

It happens more than you think.

While no idol is a stranger to being accidentally hit while dancing, IZ*ONE seems to be the queens. The girls are always so funnily clumsy with each other that it always puts a smile on WIZ*ONE’s face. Here are just some moments to make your day a little better.

1. Wonyoung hits Yujin but they dance it off

| @Chaewoniiie/Twitter

The maknae ends up hitting Yujin with her sweater sleeve and Yujin looks jokingly very upset. Afterwards, they smile and do a little dance.

2. Eunbi smacking Minju’s armpit

| @doubleYY4/Twitter

Despite this looking pretty intentional, it’s too funny not to share. Minju looks so shocked as Eunbi gracefully floats away.

3. Hitomi getting hit with Yena’s hair

| @taesecretfan/Twitter

Although Hyewon’s lightstick just barely grazed Hitomi’s elbow, she still noticed and went to comfort her. However, the true culprit happened to be Yena’s hair!

4. Sakura bumps into Nako

| @wiz1ZUTTO/Twitter

Sakura was so busy waving enthusiastically to fans that she didn’t notice Nako stopping to wave as well.

5. Wonyoung hits Yujin’s eye

| @AnYujin_Intl/Twitter

Wonyoung smacked Yujin in the eye while dancing, flipping up a bit of her bang as well. Somehow, Yujin didn’t even flinch!

6. Minju hitting Chaewon’s ear

| @prettyjoyul/Twitter

It can be hard not to bump into each other when you’re constantly changing positions. In this case, Chaewon got just a little too close to Minju’s flying arms.

7. Eunbi’s hair narrowly missing Chaewon’s face

| @egghycok/Twitter

While watching the 2020 MAMAs fans noticed Eunbi’s long ponytail gliding across the top of Chaewon’s head. With how thick and heavy the hair looked, fans were just happy that it missed her face.

8. Chaeyeon’s cup flying into Hyewon

| @flyingeleven/Twitter

Chaeyeon tried to get a fun picture by tossing her cup into the air. Hyewon was its unlucky victim.

9. Hitomi unfazed by Chaeyeon’s hair

| @taesecretfan/Twitter

Chaeyeon dazzles everyone with a hair flip, but it happens to hit Hitomi in the face. Although, she’s completely unfazed!

10. Chaeyeon getting hit twice by Yena and Chaewon

| @chaeyeonoutsold/Twitter
| @chaeyeonoutsold/Twitter

Not only did Chaeyeon get struck by Chaewon’s wings, her hand also bumped Yena’s “duckybong”. It seemed to really throw her off.

11. Yujin and Minju touching arms

| @godchoiyena/Twitter

Minju’s arm crosses paths with Yujin’s during her part in “Highlight” but they fix it so flawlessly it’s hard to even notice.