20+ J-Hope And Suga “SOPE” Moments Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

This friendship is one of a kind.

BTS‘s Suga and J-Hope have polar opposite personalities, but that’s what makes them so entertaining to watch! Even though these friends couldn’t be more different, they complement each other so well that they’ve become one of ARMY‘s favorite duos. Here are 20+ “SOPE” moments fans know and love!


1. That time when they completely switched personalities


2. When they played around during BTS’s 2018 LOVE YOURSELF tour


3. When Suga didn’t want to catch this super contagious happy virus…


4. …but did anyway


5. When Suga refused to get off of J-Hope’s lap, even though J-Hope was getting a cramp


6. When they wore these matching outfits…


7. …and these matching jumpsuits…


8. …and gave use these lovable behind the scenes moments


9. When J-Hope comforted Suga at 2016 MAMA


10. …and when they had this epic dance duet at 2018 MAMA


11. When they promoted “SOPE” while dressed like princes


12. When Suga became the clingy one


13. This moment of absolute cuteness…


14. …and this moment of absolute absurdity


15. What might be the best photo ever


16. Wait, no. It’s this one.


17. When they gave one of the worst vocal performances ever…


18. …and one of the best!


19. When Suga got snuggly on Rookie King


20. When J-Hope picked Suga up, and Suga allowed it


21. When J-Hope insisted on being on Suga’s cooking team


22. When Suga lost it over J-Hope’s nose flute


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