Here Are The Top 5 Most Famous K-Pop Groups In Japan, According To Twitter

#2 is actually a 2nd generation group!

These K-Pop groups have taken over Japan in terms of popularity on Twitter. Check out the artists that have received the most mentions from Japanese fans for the past year below!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

5. EXO

EXO has always had success in their Japanese activities throughout the years.

Despite not having any Japanese members, they still hold their own in terms of popularity!


SEVENTEEN is known for having a large and active Japanese fanbase.

As a result, they had 3 consecutive albums chart at number 1 on the ORICON weekly chart.


TWICE is the most popular girl group in Japan currently.

From their record-breaking album sales In Japan to their successful tours, Japanese fans can’t get enough of TWICE!


Despite being a second-generation group, TVXQ still has massive popularity in Japan.

Even as a duo, they still pull in huge numbers when it comes to Japanese sales and concerts.

1. BTS

BTS took the spot as the most mentioned artist on Twitter in Japan!

Considered “the wall” in terms of global popularity, they ranked #1 in not only Japan but in all other countries (besides one!).

Source: Nate Pann