Japanese Teenagers Voted For The Top 20 Most Beautiful Female Idols

Here are the results!

These female idols were voted by Japanese teenage girls as the top 20 idols with the most beautiful visuals. Check out the results below!

20. Nayeon (TWICE)

Nayeon is the first of many TWICE members who landed a spot in the top 20.

19. Dahyun (TWICE)

Dahyun’s gorgeous visuals also earned her a spot on the list.

18. Ayaka (NiziU)

Members of girl group NiziU made the top 20, including Ayaka…

17. Miihi (NiziU)

…and Miihi.

16. Jang Wonyoung (IVE)

Wonyoung’s fairy-like visuals earned her spot #16.

15. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Jennie is one of the two BLACKPINK members.

14. Yuna (ITZY)

Yuna was recognized for her beauty.

13. Kim Minju (formerly of IZ*ONE)

Minju also made the list as one of IZ*ONE’s visuals.

12. Kim Chaewon (LE SSERAFIM)

Chaewon’s great popularity in Japan lead her to spot #12.

11. Jihyo (TWICE)

Jihyo’s visuals made her the third TWICE member to appear.

10. Ahn Yujin (IVE)

Yujin is the first idol to make the top 10.

9. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi’s charismatic beauty earned her spot #9.

8. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Tzuyu was also voted for her stunning visuals.

7. Mayuka (NiziU)

Mayuka was the most-voted member of NiziU.

6. Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene’s visuals are often acknowledged and earned her spot #6.

5. Mina (TWICE)

TWICE members dominated much of top 5, including Mina.

4. Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Chaeyoung was recognized for her beauty in spot #4.

3. Sana (TWICE)

Members of TWICE’s Japanese line Sana…

2. Momo (TWICE)

…and Momo took spots #3 and #2.


Lisa earned the top spot of the most beautiful female idol!

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