10 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Slayed The Airport Halls Like It Was Chanel’s Runway

We’re in love.

BLACKPINK members all have incredible fashion style but Jennie in particular has expressed that she is super into fashion as she puts thought into each and every outfit she wears. Fans love her airport fashion as it is a look into her personal style and wardrobe, rather than the styled fits you see on TV. Here are 10 moments where we absolutely were green with outfit envy.

1. Her iconic “Human Chanel” first look

Early into their debut days, Jennie first made waves for being the perfect embodiment of class and elegance with this simple yet chic look. Sporting a quilted Chanel backpack, a feminine double-breasted blouse, nude heels and jeans, Jennie looked like the daughter of a rich household – which she very well is.

2. Professional in black

She paired a vintage-look Chanel collarless jacket with a plain white tee and black slim fit pants, making sure to give it an edge with a large Chanel tote. She looks both put together and effortless at the same time.

3. Denim casual

One of Jennie’s more casual, girl-next-door looks, she paired a collared button-down dress with a fitted denim. jacket. It looks deceptively simple, but the black checks give it some playfulness.

4. A literal “mandu”

Jennie looked as cute as her nickname on this day in a soft knit cardigan and crossbody mini bag. She made the look a little cuter with the Chanel ribbon perched atop her ponytail.

5. Her legendary combination of cargo pants and this Chanel crop

This look was so famous that many other internet shopping mall sites began to make copies of this outfit, and in particular, her vintage teal Chanel top. The top is not sold commercially anymore as it is a vintage piece.

7. Warm and adorable

Jennie looks absolutely angelic here wrapped in a brown scarf paired with a fox motif cardigan and long pants. We just want to protect her from everything bad in the world!

8. Boss baby

How can one look so cute yet so badass at the same time? Her sunglasses and cropped trench jacket make her look doubly in fashion while the corduroy pants and turtleneck in neutral shades make it casual enough for travel.

9. Double Cs

Jennie proved her dedication to the brand by wearing a cap printed with the interlocking Cs as well as a chunky belt with the same design. While she may be a “human Chanel”, she also indulges in the brand’s products on a daily basis.

10. Sweet yet put-together

A personal favorite of ours, she looked exceptionally elegant on this day with her sweet smile and grey fur coat. The formal lapels of the coat as well as the white bag added a touch of grace and maturity to an otherwise casual outfit.

While we may not be able to afford the luxury brand names Jennie decks herself in, we are still able to take away a pointer or two from her personal style. Or, at the very least, our eyes can feast on her ethereal beauty!