7 Items From BLACKPINK Jennie’s Wardrobe We Can Actually Afford

You don’t need to break the bank to look good!

Okay, okay, some of you out there might be rollin’ in it like the megastar princess herself, but for the rest of us, we may not be so inclined to drop a month’s rent on a pair of shoes. If you want to cop her style but still stay within budget, we’ve sleuthed out 7 items that are in the $50 and under range.

1. This adorable blue off the shoulder top that’s ₩37,800 KRW ($31.40 USD)

Photographer June uploaded a photo of the girls on his Instagram.

On the girls’ trip overseas for their photobook shoot in 2019, Jennie was spotted sporting a smocked blue crop top. This was at the height of the smocked clothing trend, and Jennie pulls it off perfectly as usual. The absolute It Girl. The top can be found at WNDERKAMMER.

2. This casual Adidas Cropped Tank that goes for $24 USD.

As the girls are currently endorsing the brand, it should come as a no-brainer that we had to include some of the pieces Jennie sported! This Adidas Originals trefoil cropped strap top in black can be sourced on ASOS if you’re not one to hop down to the nearest retailer.

3. This expensive looking dress that’s actually only ₩27,000 KRW ($22.34 USD)

The dress, from local brand, CHLODMANON, has been selling steadily since Jennie wore it on a Japanese broadcast in 2018. While it is currently sold out, the brand has plans on restocking it eventually. With Jennie’s ability to make most clothes look expensive, it is no wonder that the comments on Styleandstar’s Instagram page include “I thought it was $2399 instead” and “the face completes the fashion kekekeke I thought it was $2234.” Who knew that it was less than $30!

4. This cardigan everyone assumed was Chanel is only ₩27,500 KRW ($22.76 USD)

In a homestyle photoshoot with Lisa during Christmas, Jennie was seen getting into the spirit with a festive red cardigan. The cardigan sported a black trim and gold buttons, similar to the designs she favors from Chanel. It is no wonder that fans assumed the star was wearing yet another one of their pieces! However, the knit piece is from local brand, COMMONUNIQUE, and comes in a milder cream color too.

5. This jacquard floral dress that had her twinning with TWICE’s Sana can be bought for ₩38,500 KRW ($31.86 USD)

On a broadcast for ABAMA TV, Jennie was seen wearing a floral jacquard minidress that instantly made her look poised. The piece is one of the more popular ones on the site, and comes in a white-based print as well. It seems that many stars including Jennie, favor COMMONUNIQUE as Sana was seen wearing it as well.

6. This preppy-edgy co-ord set you can dress up or down for ₩19,800 KRW ($16.40 USD)

This may be the most affordable item on the list thus far – it’s a steal at only $16. CottonCandy Store is an online retailer that often caters to many idols for their stage outfits as they stock many styles that are not common in the Korean market, perfect for BLACKPINK‘s brand of edgy glam. The co-ord set can be bought here. You can layer it over a shirt for some modesty like Jennie does, or just wear it as it is!

7. This uber trendy cropped short-sleeved cardigan goes for ₩27,000 KRW($22.34 USD)

CottonCandy Store does it once again, with this ribbed material cropped cardigan. The style is an extremely popular one nowadays as the retro look is slowly making a comeback. Coming in a variety of colors, Jennie was spotted cuddling up to her adorable pup at home while lounging in the top.

While Jennie’s looks often scream outfit envy, keep in mind that there is no need to overstretch yourself for the sake of looking good! Jennie is living proof that you can dress within budget and still look hot to trot any day.