Jeong Jun Ha Reveals Some Of His Rules In Order To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle, As Well As Helping Himself Lose Weight

Rule number 2 requires some dedication.

Jeong Jun Ha is a celebrity that has constantly talked about making changes in order to better his health, and his body transformation definitely shows he put in a lot of work.

Jeong Jun Ha prior to his weight loss.

After his weight loss

On a recent episode of Happy Together, he shared some of the rules that helped him maintain a healthy lifestyle and fix some of his bad habits.

1. Drinking a glass of water after every shot of alcohol

Jeong Jun Ha shares that he used to drink alcohol almost every day in the past, so he started to drink water in order to reduce his alcohol intake.

2. The 2030 method

This method involves two steps. The first step is to finish your meal in 20 minutes

The second step is to chew your food at least 30 times before you swallow. This makes you eat slower and helps digest the food better. Both of these steps help you eat slower, which can make you feel fuller faster.

3. Drinking only 3 times per week

As discussed earlier, Jeong Jun Ha wanted to reduce the amount of alcohol he drank, so he restricts himself to only 3 times a week.

4. Portion control

Jeong Jun Ha controls some of his meal portions by eating out of a kid’s lunchbox, which prevents him from overeating.

5. Eating 1 salad a day

Jeong Jun Ha also gets his share of vegetables into his diet by eating 1 salad a day. Vegetables are one of the most important things in a healthy diet, so Jeong Jun Ha emphasizes this rule a lot.

6. Hygiene

The last rule isn’t so much about dieting or food, but Jeong Jun Ha emphasizes hygiene by brushing his teeth after every meal.


Here is the full video below!