12 Of BTS Jimin’s Juiciest Lip Moments

They are just sooo luscious.

BTS Jimin is known for his plush lips. Measuring at almost 3 cm, fans have said his lips almost resemble that of a Bratz Doll. Here are 12 things Jimin does to flaunt his juicy lips and make fans go wild.

1. A seductive stroke to apply lip balm.

2. Delicately pursing his lips.

3. After eating spicy food, the plump is in full effect.

4. Thumb over lips and pucker combo.

5. Berry lips on a red carpet.

6. Pouty lips make him look like a baby chick.

7. Natural plump perfection mid-vlog is a little distracting from what he’s saying.

8. Freezing during a shoot but his pillow lips will keep him warm.

9. Licking his lips proves to be fatal for ARMYs.

10. A cute smile still shows how puffy they are.

11. Lounging about with an orange pout.

12. His flirting with the camera during an online broadcast drives ARMYs crazy…but we can’t get enough.