10+ Funniest Reactions To “Snowdrop” Actor Jung Hae In Fanboying Over Co-Star Jisoo In BLACKPINK’s Seoul Concert

#4 is too true.

Actor Jung Hae In was one of many celebrities who attended BLACKPINK‘s BORN PINK concert in Seoul. He even took a photo with Jisoo, his co-star from the JTBC K-Drama Snowdrop, after the show while carrying an official lightstick.

Jisoo and Jung Hae In | @holyhaein/Instagram

There were many instances when fans noticed just how big of a fanboy he is in real life. Check out some of the best tweets about this below!

1. When he wore the official merch

First up, he supported BLACKPINK to the point of wearing their BORN PINK hoodie under his jacket.

2. When he was feeling the music

He was just like every other BLINK when he bopped his lightstick to the beat.

3. When he got the best seat

It was the VIP section that was closest to the stage.

4. When it was a highly coveted seat

He really had the best view that night!

5. When he was willing to be separated from his friends

Fans joked that he had no regrets leaving his Snowdrop castmates in order to be in the VIP section.

Hae In is hilarious, right? Almost the entire cast of Snowdrop was seated together but here he was in VIP. He was like, ‘Sorry, there’s no such thing as co-workers in a BLACKPINK concert.’

— Twitter user @forholyhaein

6. When he was captivated all night

His eyes were always faced forward!

7. When he mastered the fan gestures

Holding the lightstick or taking a video? Of course it’s possible to do both.

8. When HaeSoo fans were well fed

We’re dying to see Hae In’s reaction to Jisoo’s solo.

9. When he was sad then happy right away

He was publicly upset on Instagram that he couldn’t go to the Day 1 BORN PINK concert, but this changed immediately the next day.

10. When BLINKs joked that he only had eyes for Jisoo

Whether or not it’s Hae In taking the video, we know he was a supportive friend.

11. When he didn’t hide that he was there

He made no move to avoid the cameras noting down his presence for millions to see.

12. And when he went “all or nothing” for Jisoo

He was the ideal co-lead, bestie, and more!

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