Here’s What Type Of Friend Each BTS Member Is To Jungkook

He gave each one a nickname!

During FESTA 2016, Jungkook named each of his fellow BTS members as different types of friends. Check out his creative choices below!

1. RM — “Roommate Friend”

At the time, Jungkook was rooming with RM, who felt a little too close for comfort!

He’s my roommate, but the room is so small that it feels like we’re staying in a tiny one-room place for test-takers.

— Jungkook

2. Jin — “Sushi Friend”

As expected, Jungkook loves to eat with BTS’s foodie, Jin!

3. Suga — “Lamb Skewer Friend”

Unlike Jin who eats anything with Jungkook, Suga frequently goes out for lamb skewers with the maknae.

4. J-Hope — “Food Friend”

It might seem repetitive, but not quite — Jungkook chose J-Hope as the person he often goes out to cafes and gets drinks with.

5. Jimin — “All-nighter Friend”

Whether it’s playing games or eating snacks, Jungkook and Jimin stay up all night together.

6. V — “Idiot Friend”

Jungkook referred to himself and V as “Dumb and Dumber!”

We always get along, so it’s always fun.

— Jungkook

Source: Bangtan.Offical/Facebook