Just 10+ GIFs of BTS Cracking Up By Themselves… To Make You Feel Left Out AF

Lost ARMY: (Starts laughing anyway) Baaahahahaha…!?

The secret to BTS‘s immaculate performances on stages around the world is, probably, teamwork. This teamwork comes from the members’ years of surviving the trainee and underdog days and chasing the dream together. That is to say, BTS members have come to be like real brothers now. And as brothers, they have moments of pure brotherhood that seem impossible for outsiders to penetrate. This kind of unbreakable bond ARMYs absolutely love and live for — watching them laugh makes fans laugh too. But sometimes, when the “cool dudes circle” has too much fun on their own… well, it can make ARMYs feel a little left out. Here are 10+ times BTS couldn’t control cracking up on camera and made ARMYs wonder, “Guys…? What’s so funny… and why wasn’t I invited?”

1. When They Started A Ritual Mid-Dinner… Because They Could

2. When They Became Boys With Way Too Much Love

3. When They Tried To Act Serious But Realized They’re Funny

4. When They Re-Watched Their Most Passionate Underdog Days

5. When Jungkook Took His Jacket Off And That Was Hilarious

6. When J-Hope Casually Turned Himself Into A Flower

7. When They Were Live In Their PJs

8. When RM Didn’t Know How To Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

9. When They Tested Their Cooking Skills And Failed

10. When All They Had To Do Was Breathe And Make Eye Contact

11. When Jungkook Flipped Over And The Hyungs Lost It

12. When This Entire Video Happened


Here’s Us, Looking In:

“I don’t know why they’re laughing but (starts laughing).”

Source: THEQOO and Twitter