Just 10+ GIFs Of BTS’s Jungkook Being Jungkook-In-The-Middle

Tis Jungkook’s world and we’re all living in it.

Perhaps it is his golden visual — or maybe it is his Los Angeles-trained power dance moves. Ah, it is the combination of those two things that make BTS‘s Jungkook a 13/10 “center” material. He has an unrivaled glow when he’s on stage — but when he is centered among his hyungs, it gets even more intense. Here are 10+ GIFs of Jungkook in the middle — shining, shimmering, splendid.

1. Black Swan JK

There is so much elegance to the way Jungkook controls these power moves.

2. Boy With Luv JK

Jungkook is, and will always be, our favorite ending fairy.

3. Fake Love JK

Yes, those abs of steel deserve to be the center of our attention.

4. MIC Drop JK

Such groove! Much swoon!


Only Jungkook can make a duality like this work.

6. Not Today JK

And that is how he aimed right at us and slingshot his way into our hearts.

7. Spring Day JK

Model status? We believe so.

8. Blood Sweat & Tears JK

That smirk takes our breath away every, single, time.

9. Fire JK

The energy that Jungkook-in-the-center brings to the choreography is irresistible.

10. Run JK

And those thighs of steel belong nowhere else but the very smack center!

11. Dope JK

Jungkook in uniform is A+ center material.

12. I Need U JK

Talk about a dramatic entrance!

13. Boy In Luv JK

Even baby-Jungkook had it in him — He owns the spotlight.

Source: THEQOO and Twitter