Just 10+ GIFs of BTS Being Absolute Minions

The resemblance is uncanny.

BTS, when being BTS, might remind you of the playful little yellow creatures from Minions. And that’s understandable. You’re looking at BTS but seeing the minions because, actually, the resemblance is quite uncanny. Both BTS and the minions are extremely cute, super energetic, perhaps a tad bit loud… but most of all — always having a ton of fun amongst themselves. Here are 10+ GIFs of BTS literally being the minions!

1. The Unimpressed Suga Minion


2. The Show-Watching Minions


3. The Destructive RM Minion


4. The Kissy Faced Jin Minion


5. The Baby Jungkook Minion


6. The Excited Minions


7. The Fabulous Minions


8. The Zoom In On Minions


9. The Jumpin’ Minions


10. The Mic-Drop Minion


11. The Zapped Minions


12. The Snow Fighting Minions


13. The Fighting Minions


Source: THEQOO