Just 10+ Gifs Of BTS’s Jungkook Showing Off His Muscular Strength

There’s a reason why his hyungs fear him.

BTS‘s Jungkook has quite the physic, where it seems that he’s only getting more built as he gets older.

He even uses his strength to sometimes be playful with his hyungs. Here are 10+ gifs of Jungkook showing off his muscular strength.

1. Lifting Jimin with just his arm strength

2. Just flexing on everyone

3. Treating Jimin like a baby

4. Casually carrying Jin away

5. Jungkook casually lifting himself

6. Working out

7. Breaking a pineapple with his bare hands

8. Casually playing limbo while carrying the members




9. Small workout in front of his hyungs

10. Using Suga as a workout tool