Just 10 Gifs Of BTS’s V Being The Cutest Baby Bear Alive

Our winter bear, V.

BTS fans know just how much duality there is with member V, and while his charismatic and sexy side is quite prominent during performances and events, we know just how much of a cute baby he is throughout daily life.

Here’s a list of cute moments of V being the biggest baby bear to exist.

1. Hello my name is Taehyung and I am a bear.

2. He loves to improvise.

3. He can’t help but dance along to songs he loves.

4. His cute finger movements are all pointing towards us (ARMYs).

5. Here’s Tae in another one of his natural habitats; a pink cuddly bear!

6. Look at his adorable aegyo!

7. Even him acting sad is just too cute for words.

8. Who doesn’t love baby bear Tae?

9. Even Tae in a bandanna acting tough looks cute.

10. A happy smiling V is all we could ever ask for!

Sending lots of love to our one and only baby bear V!