Just 10+ GIFs That Capture BTS Jungkook’s Energy In The Stand-By Rooms

What does he do with the free time?

ARMYs know better than anyone that BTS‘s Jungkook has incredible energy when he’s performing on stage. So what is he like before and after the performance, when he’s away from the spotlight? ARMYs can’t help but wonder what he does with the free time on his hands, when he’s not out on the stage slaying ARMY hearts. Well, the energy is still there, of course. It simply glows in other ways. Check out these 10+ GIFs that capture Jungkook’s time spent well even in the stand-by rooms.

1. Sipping chocolate milk with style

2. Catching up on the calories burnt off

3. Topping Princess Aurora with his sleeping beauty

4. Smashing one, no — two, actually — three ice creams

5. Just vibin’

6. Staying connected with his darling ARMYs

7. Keeping hydrated to maintain the glowing skin

8. Being re-painted to perfection

9. Working out them guns

10. Feeding his hungry hyungs

11. Crying alone in the corner and then getting into trouble for it

12. Warming up his mesmerizing voice in the most competitive spirit

13. Acing the personal hygiene game… in giant boots.

Source: THEQOO