Just 10+ GIFs To Celebrate That Worldwide Handsome Side Profile On BTS’s Jin

Ow? (Gets cut on that sharp jawline)

BTS‘s Jin is, to say the least, K-Pop’s one and only WWH: World-Wide Handsome. His visual is so flawless — that his face, its pure existence, deserves to be celebrated. So here we are, with 10+ GIFs that capture the absolute perfection that is his side profile. While these images barely do Jin’s glow any justice, they will surely make you feel 200% delightful.

1. The wink that could end wars… or start them.

2. Making turtleneck look sexy?

3. This “I’m too good-looking to talk to you right now” vibe is life.

4. He looks like he’s straight out of an anime.

5. Okay, but this jawline is so sharp, it could cut through metal.

6. A kiss? Who? Me? (Dies)

7. Blonde Jin is a whole mood, wbk.

8. This 10 second side profile that got him all the attention.

9. Siri, look up “How to become a hair comb” now.

10. You know Jin has got you good when you think his chewing is sexy.

11. Those glasses do things to ARMYs.

12. Oh, look at his side profile! (Stares at his Captain Korea shoulders)

13. Hi, yes, I would like to adopt this bunny to care for and love forever.