Just 10+ Pictures of BTS’s Jimin Stuck To The Floor… Literally

We feel ya, Jimin.

BTS‘s Jimin once said in an interview that he “likes the floor“. And he meant it. Oh, he really, really meant it. Hence, for ARMYs, it is not been difficult to find Jimin on the floor. Actually, TBH, ARMYs relate to Jimin being glued stuck to the floor on a spiritual level. Like — C’mon. That is all of us facing life’s lemons being thrown at our faces. Right? Well then. These pictures will slap you in the feels. Here are 10+ that captured Jimin doing Jimin things. (Try to fight the urge to drop to the floor!)

1. When you’ve been up for two hours, but you can’t anymore

2. When nothing on Netflix is perfect and it’s frickin’ annoying

3. When you know you’re lookin’ like a total sun kissed babe at sea…

4. … vs. When you know your aesthetic is AKA “The Beach Bum”

5. When your body doesn’t understand the (insane) routine set for it

6. When being lazy and looking sexy are on the agenda together

7. When literally everything hurts post workout

8. When your person hasn’t hit you up yet and you don’t understand

9. When you think you’ve prepared for the worst, but no

10. When that impulse buy drops to 50% off the next day

11. When sleep comes first, no matter what anyone says

12. When you malfunction at work and your team has to collect you

Source: THEQOO