Just 11 Times Hyun Bin Was Total Boyfriend Material


Hyun Bin may be 37 years old, but he’s still boyfriend material through and through. In fact, he’s just growing more attractive as the years pass by. Whether he’s playing a role or making fans’ hearts stop, he’s the guy we all wish we had.

Check out some of his best boyfriend-esque looks below!

1. When he put his arm around a fan

2. When he was Captain Ri in Crash Landing On You

3. When he looked at the camera (you) with that small smile

4. When he pouted and became the ultimate cutie

5. When he smiled at fans during a fansign

6. When he looked at Seri like that

7. When he and Son Ye Jin took a selca backstage

8. When he covered her with an umbrella

9. When he took travel photos with his girl

10. When he stared at her like that 

11. And finally, when he patted a fan on the head and it went viral

He’s really the sweetest!