Just 15+ GIFs of Our Favorite Korean Actors In “Gat” — The Coolest Hat On Earth

Gat sexy?

The gat, or “the cool hat thing that Koreans wear in historic K-Dramas”, is actually exactly that. It is indeed a cool hat that used to be worn by men in ancient Korea as part of their traditional hanbok attire. The most basic gat is called the heukrip, which the aristocrats wore when they went outside or even inside when they interacted with other aristocrats. Many of our favorite Korean actors have rocked this heukrip look in different K-Dramas past. Here are 15+ GIFs capturing the hottest men in the coolest gats!

Tip: Check out how these gats are all differently upgraded, using a wide range of jooyoung styles — the beady string that falls under the gat around the face. It is said that the hipster aristocrats liked to use different gems to make fancy jooyoung strings, so they could be the trendiest ones in Chosun. Ancient Korea must have been one wild land of fashionistas.

1. EXO’s D.O.

2. Yoo Ah In

3. Song Joong Ki

4. Lee Soo Hyuk

5. Ju Ji Hoon

6. Im Si Wan

7. Park Bo Gum

8. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo


10. Kim Nam Gil

11. Kim Soo Hyun

12. Lim Ju Hwan

13. Kang Dong Won

14. Yeo Jin Goo

15. Lee Joon Gi

16. Seo Kang Joon

17. B1A4’s Jinyoung

18. Park Ji Hoon

Learn more about gat styles here:

Source: THEQOO